He’s a Granger.

So I heard that my son the the class monitor.

Wait, why do toddlers need a class monitor in the first place. What is his responsibility?

Apparently, he sits on the teacher’s lap while his classmates line up to have their hands sanitised and temperatures taken. Now, isn’t this a sure way for Russell to get sick?

Other than that, I think it is hilarious that he’s a class monitor at two. I bet the teachers made that role up for him.

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Bun, Russ and I visited Perth in early September. I love how fresh oysters are so good and cheap there, we had a dozen every single day. Royale Oysters costs $7 each in Singapore. We can get a dozen of good quality oysters from a nearby grocery store for $14.

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Anonymous asked: When did you first make a Tumblr?

When it started, which is 2006, according to Wikipedia. 

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Happy Birthday

It’s approaching your birthday…. 2 years ago, I was at the hospital counting my contractions. Now I’m writing in the study, you’re sleeping soundly on our bed. We just celebrated your birthday with family and friends.

Quirks at 24 Months

You like festivities, chatter and having people around.

You like putting on a show and getting attention.

You’re a little selfish with your toys and very selfish with my attention.

You like older people.

You don’t like young kids. Maybe you’re a little competitive around them. Or maybe they’re not as fun.

You’re a little chatterbox. You wouldn’t shut up sometimes.

You’re not loud, but you’re not shy either.

You’re still obsessed with excavators.

You love double decker buses, MRT and cement mixers too.

Today you told me. “Mama Big Hug” You hugged me and paused. Then you said “Not quite enough.” And hugged me again.

You’re a sweetheart.

One way ticket by Boney M is your favourite song.

You can count from 1-10 and know your ABCs.

I’m still breastfeeding you.

I’ve been taking you out, riding buses and trains, after work. I find it relaxing.

You have a cheeky smile.

You have happy eyes, that twinkle when you’re up to no good.

The biggest misconception about happiness is that you have to work hard for it. Although raising a kid is no walk in the park, the sheer joy you get in return makes any task negligible.

Truth is, happiness is a perception. I think I’d still be happy without a child. But I know I’m far happier with one.

Thank you my sweetheart, and happy birthday.

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Career and Motherhood

Something every woman thought about, where you set yourself against a spectrum where one end is a full-time mum and the other end is a full-blown career.

Let’s just not kid yourselves. You can’t have both, so let’s not try to be the best in both roles because that’s impossible.

By the way, a full time job is not a full blown career, these are women who go out of their way to climb to the top of corporate ladders. That takes more than a full time job, since society is not fair.

I can’t tell you how to pick, I can only tell you how I pick.

I chose to do what makes me happiest. I don’t pick my choices based on what I think will be good for Russell.

Because I don’t know what is good for him and I think it is so presumptuous to think we know just because he’s a child.

What I do know, is what is good for me. I truly believe that a happy mother, is a good mother.

I know I’m not going to be happy being a full-time mum. My job defines a part of me, I love my work. I know I don’t want to spend all my time on my job, it makes me miserable if I don’t get to see him every day.

Knowing what you want, you can change your circumstances to suit what makes you happy. That’s a benefit of living in a first world nation, we have choices.

PS: If what makes you the happiest is not spending time with your kid at all, then I suggest getting a hamster instead. Or a stuffed teddy bear.

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Social Media Preferences

Read Instagram > Pinterest > Google+ > Feedly > Twitter > Goodreads > Facebook > Tumblr > Linkedin

I pretty much never read anything from Facebook onwards but I see every single image in my Instagram feed.

Post Twitter > Pinterest > Tumblr > Google+ > Goodreads > Facebook > Instagram > Linkedin

In summary, follow me on Twitter and Pinterest, Linkedin sucks so bad.

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Bye Bye Ya Ya

Russell’s nanny aka Yaya aka Rodalyn, who has been taking care of him since he was 2.5 months old is leaving in a couple of days.

I think we got lucky because she’s everything we could have asked for and more. Good English, loves children, smart and has a lot of initiative. If that is not enough, she has a wicked sense of humour.

In the 20 months or so, she has not only become an integral part of Russell’s life, she has also become a good friend that I can talk to and laugh with.

Being a mother gives you access to a huge and supportive network of mothers, you’ve become part of the club. But most of the time, being a mother is lonely. When you have a job, a family and kids. There really isn’t much time left for yourself, much less the amount of social activities you’re used to when you’re single.

I remember a time where I was so busy with work, Russell and family that when I eventually had time to visit Watson to buy some of my things, it’s like going to Disneyland. “Facial wash! Contact lens solution! Sanitary pads! Oh, I miss shopping!”

Every evening after work, I would bring Russell to the nearby playground and Rodalyn would come along, I’ve become quite attached to her company and would miss her positive/bubbly presence in our house.

We just wanted to find someone who could take care of Russell. Not only did we find the perfect nanny, I found myself a good friend too.

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Quirks at 21 Months

**Funny things you say **

"Gugu Bao Bao Nono. Mama Bao Bao yea…" I want Mummy to carry me instead of Gugu.

"Oh this flower spoil." - referring to dying flowers.

"Uh oh this leave fall down." - referring to fallen leaves.

"Big nannan yea, small nannan nono." He likes big boobs.

"Mama, carry you." Asking me to carry him, because I always say Mama’ll carry you.

"No, Mama, Stoppit! - when I do something you don’t like.

Other Quirks

You understand everything we say, even when I speak really quickly in another accent.

It is very obvious when you lie. You’ll have a twinkle in your eyes, a little smile and you will flare your nose a little. It is so funny I wish you’d lie more.

You like playing your toyhouse. There is a Mama doll and a Russell doll. And when I ask you to put them to sleep, you would put Mama doll and Russell doll together saying “Gether Mama.” Yea we’re tight.

Your hair grew longer and everyone started assuming you’re a girl even though in my defense, I always dress you up like a man, with cigar, cowboy boots and sometimes a mustache.

Since you can understand me now, I’ve been training you to give me massages by walking up and down my back. This is one reason why people should have kids, the other reason is that they can start fetching things for you when they start to walk. Like a voice command remote control, only better.

You cannot sing. You got that from Daddy.

You sweat a lot and your feet stinks. That’s from the other parent too.

You love to eat medicine. I reckoned you like medicine more than ice-cream.

You love reading Goodnight Moon. And you’re extremely tickled by the empty page for “Goodnight Nobody.”

You know that a cat goes meow, a cow goes moo, a tiger goes roaar, monkey goes oo ooh ah ahh, dog goes arf, sheep goes baa, horse goes neigh, frog goes ribbit and so on. I always wonder why every kid will eventually know all these, as if Old Macdonald is a realistic career choice.

You’d be two soon. And honestly, I still haven’t gotten used to you. I know you’re here, but I can’t believe you’re ours. We know how flawed we are, but we made you with all your adorable quirks and personality. How is it possible?

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I wrote a little about intelligence and the different forms of it. My strongest intelligence is Visual-Spatial. So it is very clear to me by now why I didn’t fare well in school, which emphasized language and mathematics, at least in primary and secondary levels. Also obvious now why I struggled with algebras but found geometry really simple.

This video educates you about education. And how you should focus on your child’s natural strengths instead of attempting to kill it.

It is hilarious too, enjoy!

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"You’re my island of bliss in a sea of happiness. And I cling on to you. For who would want happiness after a taste of bliss."
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Quirks at 19 months

You have a vocabulary of…. well, I’ve stopped counting at 70+. Your vocabulary count exceeds the norm for your age so counting the excess is just cocky (poorly disguised brag).

This probably means you’re going to be bad at something else. Let me make a wild guess and say it’s coordination (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence), because you are still tripping all over the place. Sometimes you trip when you’re standing. Like. How.

Your growing vocabulary is a chocolate box of amusement. We never know what we’re gonna get. The other day, we asked you “where is Daddy?” and you pointed into your bowl of rice to get a reaction from us. We laughed, and you shouted “Daddy!” into your bowl of rice.

You laugh selectively, at things that are actually funny, which makes me think you’ve cultivated a blend of humor that is pretty refined for a toddler. Or perhaps I’ve underestimated you little ones, I thought you’ll only laugh at burps and bubbles.

You’ve made friends with a whole group of construction workers who’ve been doing roadworks outside our house. They will OPERATE the excavator at your command, even when they are not working.

The first time I knew that, I was beyond amused. I came home from work and saw you and Yaya at the gate, watching the excavator.

Me: What’s happening? (looking at the arm and bucket going up and down with no apparent purpose.)
Yaya: Russell wants to see the “carp carp” (that’s what he calls the excavator).
Me: Baby, that’s your new toy!?

You now have plenty of excavator toys at home because you’re obsessed with them. Grandpa even bought you a mini one so you can bring it out with you.

Those foreign workers love you. The smile they have on their faces when they see you makes me happy. You probably remind them of their kids back home. Like how I’d smile when I see babies and toddlers because they remind me of you.

Lucky my work is here, so I don’t have to wait for long before I get to see you.

Still, miss you the second I leave.

Love, Mama.

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Anonymous asked: you're a beautiful, wonderful person. always remember that


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Anonymous asked: i'm actually creating a humble site where it would feature compilations of food for thoughts and other perspective blog post when i chance upon you blog. I love how you write and i would like to ask if i could ask for your permission to feature your blog post ? You can check it out at, (google) rawcataloq (it's a wordpress link) sorry i couldn't send link here.

Sure you can! Thanks for asking!

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Single. Sometimes I do miss the freedom. Just briefly. To be able to spend a weekend in bed with a good book and not feel guilty.

Single. Sometimes I do miss the freedom. Just briefly. To be able to spend a weekend in bed with a good book and not feel guilty.

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50 Words

You know how to say well over 50 words by now. That’s 40 more words than what websites say you should say. Link

What does this mean? Can I conclude that you are strongest in linguistic intelligence (different theories of intelligence)?

That’s one of the coolest type! I’ve always admired the linguistic people. I’m strongest in Visual-Spatial Intelligence by the way, you’ll know soon enough, when I try to dress you up funny for preschool. Or get upset over your messy handwriting.

This is so exciting! What are you going to be? A news presenter? A lawyer? An author? Are you going to be JK Rowling? Please be JK Rowling.

This post is going to be awkward in the future if you ended up becoming a say…a fishmonger. No offense to them, although when I put it like that, it’s impossible not to get offended.

Anyway, whatever you grew up to be, it’ll be better than JK Rowling. Because I didn’t give birth to JK Rowling.

This ends my rather pointless post.

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