"You’re my island of bliss in a sea of happiness. And I cling on to you. For who would want happiness after a taste of bliss."
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Quirks at 19 months

You have a vocabulary of…. well, I’ve stopped counting at 70+. Your vocabulary count exceeds the norm for your age so counting the excess is just cocky (poorly disguised brag).

This probably means you’re going to be bad at something else. Let me make a wild guess and say it’s coordination (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence), because you are still tripping all over the place. Sometimes you trip when you’re standing. Like. How.

Your growing vocabulary is a chocolate box of amusement. We never know what we’re gonna get. The other day, we asked you “where is Daddy?” and you pointed into your bowl of rice to get a reaction from us. We laughed, and you shouted “Daddy!” into your bowl of rice.

You laugh selectively, at things that are actually funny, which makes me think you’ve cultivated a blend of humor that is pretty refined for a toddler. Or perhaps I’ve underestimated you little ones, I thought you’ll only laugh at burps and bubbles.

You’ve made friends with a whole group of construction workers who’ve been doing roadworks outside our house. They will OPERATE the excavator at your command, even when they are not working.

The first time I knew that, I was beyond amused. I came home from work and saw you and Yaya at the gate, watching the excavator.

Me: What’s happening? (looking at the arm and bucket going up and down with no apparent purpose.)
Yaya: Russell wants to see the “carp carp” (that’s what he calls the excavator).
Me: Baby, that’s your new toy!?

You now have plenty of excavator toys at home because you’re obsessed with them. Grandpa even bought you a mini one so you can bring it out with you.

Those foreign workers love you. The smile they have on their faces when they see you makes me happy. You probably remind them of their kids back home. Like how I’d smile when I see babies and toddlers because they remind me of you.

Lucky my work is here, so I don’t have to wait for long before I get to see you.

Still, miss you the second I leave.

Love, Mama.

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Anonymous asked: you're a beautiful, wonderful person. always remember that


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Anonymous asked: i'm actually creating a humble site where it would feature compilations of food for thoughts and other perspective blog post when i chance upon you blog. I love how you write and i would like to ask if i could ask for your permission to feature your blog post ? You can check it out at, (google) rawcataloq (it's a wordpress link) sorry i couldn't send link here.

Sure you can! Thanks for asking!

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Single. Sometimes I do miss the freedom. Just briefly. To be able to spend a weekend in bed with a good book and not feel guilty.

Single. Sometimes I do miss the freedom. Just briefly. To be able to spend a weekend in bed with a good book and not feel guilty.

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50 Words

You know how to say well over 50 words by now. That’s 40 more words than what websites say you should say. Link

What does this mean? Can I conclude that you are strongest in linguistic intelligence (different theories of intelligence)?

That’s one of the coolest type! I’ve always admired the linguistic people. I’m strongest in Visual-Spatial Intelligence by the way, you’ll know soon enough, when I try to dress you up funny for preschool. Or get upset over your messy handwriting.

This is so exciting! What are you going to be? A news presenter? A lawyer? An author? Are you going to be JK Rowling? Please be JK Rowling.

This post is going to be awkward in the future if you ended up becoming a say…a fishmonger. No offense to them, although when I put it like that, it’s impossible not to get offended.

Anyway, whatever you grew up to be, it’ll be better than JK Rowling. Because I didn’t give birth to JK Rowling.

This ends my rather pointless post.

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Quirks at 16 Months

You can say a huge variety of words by now, around +30? Babycenter said you’d be able to say 16 words by 18-months. I’m trying to decide if you’re really smart or Babycenter is setting the bar low so everyone can be included and not freak out.

Although I won’t be surprised if you’re smart, I read that intelligence is hereditary, and my Mum is very smart. You can connect the dots. #impliedbrag

Then again, this doesn’t mean you’ll have the right attitude in life. Having the right attitude, specifically positivity, is far more important than being intelligent, attractive or rich.

At 16 months, you’re also somewhat a slut. You absolutely GLOW when you find yourself in the centre of attraction. And you’d do everything to get them.

The other time, we were at Ikea cafe. You saw the amount of food the next table was having and you look at the food and look them and went “WAHHH” much to their amusement.

It’s cute and all but there are times when I really don’t want to socialize with strangers. And you bating your eyelashes and flashing your diapers usually means I have to answer questions like “how old is he?” “Is he always this friendly?” “Does he allow strangers to carry?”

I would rather you try to keep your sluttiness under control until you learn how to answer them yourself. Please keep me out of your private affairs.

You like saying “no no”. Every night after shower, I would ask you which pyjamas you’d like by showing them to you one by one. You’d look at the them, cock your head, scrunch your face and say “mmmm” like you’re thinking, before giving a nonchalant “no no”. It is cute until we go through the whole drawer of rejected pyjamas and you can’t seem to find one that pleases you. Often, I find myself having to pitch them to you…”Do you want the one with the cute Lion? ROAR!!!!!!” When I make it sound exciting enough, you may relent.

Now I’d just pick two out and ask you to choose one. Aha! *taps my temple”

Last but not least, a moment that I’d remember for a long time. We were all sleeping when you started crying (you still cry at night at times). Then Daddy scolded you. You were silent for a while….then you started sniffling, softly at first before it transitioned into full-fledged sobbing. Yet you were afraid to make any louder noise. I was listening to you, trying to ignore you so that you can go back to sleep independently. Finally, you whimpered “mama…” like a mew from a hurt kitten.

I DIE. Mother instinct hit me like a rocket. I pulled you over into my arms and we snuggled till you fell asleep again.

I snuggle you always in my heart.

Love, Mama

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Resolutions 2013 Review

After a super productive 2012 where I raced to check all my boxes before 30. Let’s see how I fared in 2013.

Improving Key Relationships Be a supportive wife. Spend more time with parents and sisters. Be a better BFF. And most importantly, give my all to be a great mother.

Checked all except supportive wife. My idea of being supportive is to not nag at him. I’m pretty sure he has a different opinion on that.

More passive income _Get an existing apartment and get rent! _

Decent plan, then this ridiculousity happened.

From 12 Jan 2013, buyers or transferees who are : (ii) Singaporeans/PR who already own 1 or more residential properties would have to pay Additional Buyers Stamp Duty of 10% on the purchase or acquisition of another residential property.

So it went out the window.

Better saving habits

I don’t remember why I made this resolution. I have more inclination to save than spend. I think I need a resolution to not turn into Scrooge McDuck.

Learn Golf

Failed. I wanted to cheat and include this as one of my “learn something new every month” plan. I still can’t bring myself to learn golf. How can I hate a sport I didn’t know so much. Maybe it’s because she stole my husband and the father of my child away from us. I’m pretty sure I have a strong case in court.

Learn/Do something new every month

Exceeded expectations.

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Christmas Dinner 2013

Christmas Dinner at my place. I was in charge of table setting, sides (mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and meatball soup) & music (thank you YouTube). Pam did the wonderful Roast Chicken and Four-Spice Salmon. Pearleen was in charge of dessert as always. My mum contributed the appetizer. We make a great team.

Hope you had a Merry one.

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Addiction. Sort My Lives. 
What every Jack of all Trades needs. 
What every Mom needs.

Addiction. Sort My Lives. What every Jack of all Trades needs. What every Mom needs.

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January 14 Project

I’m an ENTP. By this chart, I’m making one of the lowest. Which is actually fine by me. It’s only money. People who are obsessed with money are cheap in most other ways. A social observation that has proven to be fairly accurate.

What I find amusing is, just by tweaking the last character. From P - J. I would theoretically do much better. And I was thinking, it isn’t very difficult to go from Perceiving to Judging. It seem to be the easiest compared to the other three. But it is also the most unappealing.

Organised? Structured? Pfffft. I’m free as a bird.

BUT recently, I have found something that might work, forcing me to get organized my way, very visually. See the pinterest board below for some examples.

The Art of Organization

I have opened an Organization Pandora Box. Paper crafts, lettering, typography, colours, textures, stickers, customisations. It’s like productive scrap-booking. Like why haven’t anyone told me organization can be this fun and pretty? Challenge accepted.

By the way, this is very typical of a “Perceiving” person. Attracted to new projects but abandoning them when something new comes along. We’ll see how it goes. :x

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Interestingness Resolution

This year I made an Interestingness Resolution. That is, to do something completely new every month. I did a mid-year review and I thought I did pretty well. Here is a year-end review on my 6 other completely new experience.

August: Throw a Kid’s party.

September: Master the Cups song. Not only did I got this, I can now sing various Xmas Carols with it. Party tricks +1.

October: Goodreads. Started documenting and writing reviews of books I read. Having to reflect about it enough to write a review doesn’t seem much but it is a good habit.

November: Signed up with a new Insurance Policy. I trusted my mum with this and didn’t bother with the details. This time, I really look at the different policies and found one what suits my needs. I highly recommend that you give some thought into insurance if you haven’t, the peace of mind you get from knowing you’ve got all gaps covered is an immediate return.

December: A couple of new experiences. Photoshoot in an abandoned estate, room escape game, cooking challenge with Paul & Tiffany.

I think this particular resolution is met successfully. Well done me!

So ,what is the whole point?

I was reading a book on networking. One tip is to dip your toes in a variety of hobbies so you know a little bit of everything. This makes it easy to get a conversation going with anyone.

Now, I’m able talk a bit about cooking, hosting dinner parties, kids party, baking, books, New York, fancy restaurants, travelling with babies, financial plans, nail art, photography and so on. The point is not to be an expert in these activities, but know enough to ask the right questions to keep a conversation going.

When I first read about this tip, I thought it was rather fraudulent or pretentious. Instead, I gained more respect for people who are interested in these activities. Do you know it takes a lot of thought and effort to host an amazing dinner party? I wouldn’t know until I tried it myself. So in the end, I think it makes me a lot more authentic and sincere!

One of the most useful skill is unexpectedly easy, that is, learning the cups song. This makes me a superhero with young children. Like “WAHHHH AUNTIE!!!! TELL ME HOW TO DO!!!”

I had such a great time with this resolution. I’m going to do this again for 2014!

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My Little Hero

About a month ago, Russell started looking out for me. Not merely ensuring that I am within his line of sight, but he would actually come RESCUE ME from any perceived danger.

Like when I play catch with the kids in the neighbourhood playground. Seeing me run away from a couple of 3-yr-olds is enough to put him into action. He will stop whatever he’s doing and frantically run after me calling “Mama! Mama!”, much to the amusement of the other grown-ups.

When the kids catch me by hugging my legs, he will pry them away from my legs and call out to me (Mama!), as if to make sure that I’m fine.

I don’t even know how to describe how I feel when this happens. Proud? Amused? Protected? Loved? Happy? Touched? How about all of them combined into a huge surge of emotion that makes me want to swoop him up in my arms and fly off to Neverland where we cease to age and remain like now forever.

That’s how I feel about my little Peter Pan.

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Anonymous asked: "I'M NOT A DEVOTCHKA, NOT YET A BABOOCHKA." What is that???

Vocabulary from Clockwork Orange, one of my favourite books. 

Devotchka is girl, Baboochka is woman.

"I’m not a girl, not yet a woman" not only describes how I feel in life right now, it is also a nod to the legendary Britney Spears, my teenage pop idol.

Somehow, doesn’t feel special anymore after this explanation. Mystic was the appeal. 

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RIP MSN. We will all miss you.

RIP MSN. We will all miss you.

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